AIAIAI launches TMA-2 Boom Mic and Voice-Activated Game

The C51 Boom Mic is the latest addition to the Kilo designed TMA-2 Modular Headphone System for AIAIAI. It gives TMA-2 users an option or add-on of high quality audio speech when chatting or gaming.

To coincide with the launch, AIAIAI has developed the voice-activated game project, VOICE CONTROL. The game, stylistically inspired by classic arcade maze games such as pac-man, is controlled via voice command only. This means it can be played using any TMA-2 configuration that includes the C51 Boom Mic (or any other microphone for that matter), and without the need of a handheld controller, joystick, mouse or buttons of any kind.

VOICE CONTROL will be available to play on a custom-built arcade machine in Studio A, the AIAIAI flagship store in Copenhagen and select retailers across the globe. It can also be found on the AIAIAI website.

Buy the C51 Boom Mic on aiaiai.dk