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Haxi Kick Off Testing Phase for the HaxiStar Explorer – A New Transport-sharing Device Designed By Kilo

In the beginning, there was the Taxicab. An early 1900s automobile that drove around top-hatted gentlemen and got its name from the clockwork taximeter, which measured its fare. Fast forward a good hundred years or so, and we’re at the internet. After which the smartphone made an appearance. And in 2016, it’s finally time for the HaxiStar Explorer, an experimental, Kilo-designed lighting device that transport-sharing Haxi users can place on the hood of their car in their efforts to find one another in the bustling concrete jungle. If the above version of events seems somewhat subjective and jumbled up, we can assure you that this selective account of transportation history is, in fact, written to illustrate a point: That the internet-based sharing economy, and thus our partners at Haxi, are very likely the future of urban transportation.


Bridging the physical, analog world with digital cyberspace, the HaxiStar Explorer is a design in development, and it’s about to hit the streets for a test run. Here’s how it works:The lightning device has multiple placement options, which makes it easy for transport-sharing users on the Haxi app to find each other in the streets.Press the button, switch on the light and – hey presto! You’re ready to go.200 samples will hit Haxi users who will provide feedback before the final product launch in Autumn 2016.Haxi users will get an order link directly on the Haxi app. Testers will be picked according to activity and geography.


In the words of Haxi Co-Founder, Aleksander Soender:“With new sharing services like Haxi exploding and driverless cars coming within a few years there’s a risk the old taxi sign will disappear. So we were like: “why not invent a new sign for the future?.”Inspired by transportation history and taxi folklore new and old, the design of the HaxiStar is simple, fun, noticeable and user-friendly.


Kopi af _DSC1137_Update-01


As Kilo’s very own Head of Design Lars Larsen puts it:“HaxiStar is like a lighter or a pen: A simple, self-evident, practical, everyday object that everyone understands and knows how to work. We tried to bring elements from toys and car gadgets like the Wunderbaum, ‘bull balls’, and of course the old iconic taxi sign into this product. Our mission was to create a brand-driven object that everyone instantly gets despite the fact that this type of product hasn’t really been seen on the market before.”It goes without saying that Kilo are excited to take part in the sharing economy-based and driven (pun intended) activities of the creative, up-and-coming Haxi team. Keep your eyes peeled for the HaxiStar Explorer, coming soon to a street near you.