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Kilo Founder Lars Larsen Interviewed by aiaiai

As you may have heard, we’ve just launched TMA-2 Modular, a headphone system comprised of modular audio components that lets you build your own, unique headphone according to your needs, preferences and personal whims. ‘How did the whole thing come about?’ – some of you might feel inclined to ask. The short answer is that the entire modular concept, from burgeoning idea to final, interchangeable product, is the outcome of an ongoing creative collaboration with our longstanding design partners at Kilo design. However, taking the short and easy way out runs counter to our Scandinavian fastidiousness, which is why a thorough and lengthy answer will now be painstakingly mapped out. In the efforts to help us give you the full and unrestrained low-down on the TMA-2 Modular development process, our Content Editor, Ulrik Nørgaard, sat down with our buddy and partner, Lars Larsen, founder/Head of Design at Kilo, as well as AIAIAI co-founder Frederik Jørgensen and picked their brain until they could take no more of the relentless, design/business-focused probing.

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