AIAIAI reduces its carbon footprint

June 11, 2020

AIAIAI reduces its carbon footprint

June 6, 2020

Our long-term partner AIAIAI is significantly reducing its carbon footprint, starting with new packaging. The headphone packaging is now produced using 100% FSC-certified materials, guaranteeing that it is fully recyclable, which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 80%. Reducing waste and contributing to a circular economy has been a defining driver since introducing TMA2 Modular and now integral to our collaboration. It’s an ongoing process and we’re proud to be a part of this transformation.

As reported in EDM magazine:

“AIAIAI is widely regarded across the globe as a leading headphone and audio design brand that is committed to producing its products in a sustainable manner. With a focus on both quality and sustainability, AIAIAI is now further deepening that globally-minded commitment by pledging to reduce its carbon footprint even more.

The brand has taken new steps that will significantly reduce the amount of waste resulting from its products, approaching the issue from all sides, right down to the packaging of the products themselves.”