Kilo designs for VEO

April 11, 2018

Kilo designs for VEO

April 4, 2018

We are now working with Copenhagen football tech startup VEO on a groundbreaking new solution to help amateur football clubs record their matches. The solution uses AI and video camera technology to enable the clubs to capture high quality action recordings, without the need for a camera operator or vision mixer/editor.

VEO provides pro video content for evaluation and media platforms by recording a panoramic view of the full football pitch, then stitching the resulting images together and using the AI tech to follow the action via virtual panning and zooming on the recorded video file.

We have teamed up with VEO as design partners, to support their internal team of developers in fusing brand, technology and usability in optimized design solutions – a super exciting and fast-moving process. The 3D-printed units are designed to hold two cameras and a battery unit inside, with easy mounting so the device is simple for clubs to install and operate. We love what VEO is bringing to the pitch and we’re honored to be on board for this innovative venture.

Check out VEO for more info and check in with us for more updates soon.