TMA-2: The wait for wireless is over

September 28, 2017

TMA-2: The wait for wireless is over

September 9, 2017

Our new, smart headband for the Kilo-designed TMA-2 Modular Headphone System for AIAIAI is now available. The H05 headband adds full wireless functionality to any configuration of the TMA-2 while retaining full modularity in the system. This means existing users can simply add the H05 headband to their current configuration for wireless capability in their original headphone, while new customers can select H05 as an optional extra in their personal sound preference. 

The H05 smart headband is designed to bridge performance and aesthetics in a simple, integrated design language. On one hand, echoing the original DNA of the existing collection, and yet still introducing a new, individual and strong character to the TMA-2 family.

Browse the H05 presets.