The perfect roast with 60% less energy

The AiO is the new flagship product of the Danish-Taiwaneese coffee roaster company Aillio. Powered by AI and efficient inductive roasting technology, this machine is aimed at businesses looking to get consistent results, quicker and less expensively within their own coffee shop. The form is derived from the two-drum architecture, with beans entering the top roasting drum from the top funnel and then proceeding into the lower cooling drum before being finished. 

It has been designed with great attention to detail from inside-out. From under the hood components to the all metal exterior with its synthesizer inspired interface.

Data-driven roasting is the new kid on the block, and she makes many things possible that simply weren’t before — automation being chief among them. We believe that with accurate measurements, precise heat application, and smart AI, an automatic small-batch electric roaster able to churn consistently great coffee would revolutionize specialty as we know it.