The digital piggy bank of the future

ERNIT is a a physical piggy bank with a digital heart that’s connected to an app, which the whole family can use to spark the vital conversation about digital money.

Families will be able to download the app and join the conversation that will help their kids become wise beyond their years. In the app, kids can set goals and parents can start to open the discussion about what things are most valuable to the family.

The ERNIT project will be your child’s tool to set concrete goals – this option further increases the learning experience. The app lets the child choose a picture of their savings goal. If the goal is a new bike, they can find a picture of the exact colour, brand and price that they are dreaming of. The same can be said if the goal is a birthday gift for grandma or a donation to the family’s favourite charity.

ERNIT makes digital money tangible. An important feature for parents who want their kids to learn how to save. ERNIT makes a sound when money is added, and lets children touch to put money in, while the lights on the piggy’s snout show how close they are to reaching their goal.

  • Client - Ernit
  • Year - 2016
  • Fast Company Innovation By Design Awards (Nominee)