Bold rectangular timepiece

Oblong is the product of a holistic and strategic approach, which defines the next step in building a product family around the Bulbul brand. It’s a bold timepiece, which pays respect to an existing, iconic watch typology and bridges heritage and contemporary expression in one.

Oblong means a rectangle with a length greater than its width. When you zoom in on the timepiece, you’ll notice that the rectangular shape has soft rounded corners with sides curving slightly outwards for a defined and unique shape. Chamfered edges create a direct and integrated transition to the logs and link the outside appearance with the inner ring. The dial has two indicator markings, which means that you can choose what side you prefer the crown on when wearing Oblong. The crown has a linear grip, it’s dimensioned for optimal use and it has a balanced relation to the watch body. The buckle is simple and designed to allow easy strap access, which also gives your leather straps a longer lifespan.

At Kilo we believe that you have to earn your way to simplicity and Oblong is the result of a long process of tests and iterations. Ultimately, Oblong is very no no-nonsense. It’s not rocket science. This is a timepiece built on watch heritage and a fascination with timeless appearance. A combination of selected ingredients working together in a very orchestrated and controlled way with a balanced sense of the big picture and the small detail.