Essential minimalism

Ore is designed for Bulbul and is the the third KiBiSi addition to the acclaimed range of designer watches. Following the slightly asymmetric Pebble and the classic yet contemporary Facette, Bulbul’s latest timepiece has been reduced its minimalist essence. The name Ore is a direct reference to the design process; By cleaning out superfluous details, Bulbul reduces its latest watch to its core. In other words, the Copenhagen-based company’s new timepiece taps into watch design’s essential ore.

Moreover, having already established their design philosophy with the Pebble watch through an extensive process spanning several years, the Ore watch is stringently kept in the same colours and materials as Bulbul’s highly publicized debut. This ‘recycling’ of colours and materials has been implemented to further the holistic continuity and make the entire Bulbul design family cohere and make aesthetic sense on every level. However, in the efforts to make every individual element come to the fore, Ore ventures one bold step further into timeless minimalism.