S5 & S10

Audiocase is the ultimate all-in-one portable speaker, home audio system, practice amplifier, PA system, and sing-along machine. Paying homage to the original exterior design inspired by flight case constructions, the new Audiocase takes a more holistic and simplified step into the future. Fusing the utilitarian foundation of the product category with the clean and simple aesthetics borne out of the Scandinavian design tradition, Audiocase brings the protective elements of the original build into a more unified design language. By integrating handling and interface, the product stands out as a balanced blend of performance and aesthetics.

The extruded aluminum profiles, connected by die-cast corners form a rigid powder coated framework, devoid of any exterior screws except for the 4 recessed into the rubber feet. All sides are inset to protect the interface and speaker grille from wear and tear. The design balances a simple aesthetic with ruggedness and honest functional details.

Audiocase provides the quality sound you need for your next dinner party, summer hangout, or jam session. It may well be the only speaker you'll ever need.