Subtle floating light source

Silverback is an example of a redesigned interface between architectural space and light, without needing to be integrated or flashy. Silverback has a soft, waterdrop-like shape that combines a metallic back with an opal white diffuser. The metallic part mirrors the ceiling or wall the fixture is mounted on, helping Silverback blend into its environment – a shining halo illuminates the wall and draws the background into the fixture.

The soft, diffused light distribution provides a high level of lighting comfort, combined with low energy use and good colour reproduction. These are essential for improving well-being and the environment in all corners of a building, while providing minimalist, uniform and low-maintenance lighting.

Silverback is available as a wall or ceiling fixture in both fluorescent and LED versions, and as a suspended, floating LED model.

“Silverback's discreet and simple design unpretentiously suits all types of architecture, ensuring authentic adaptation to the surroundings in more than one sense of the word."

Louis Poulsen