Character without excess

The Taper Collection marries advanced engineering with a minimalist style that is deeply rooted in the principles of classic mid-century Danish design. KiBiSi and BIG took design cues from the practical function of the products – to facilitate the passage of water – by stripping the forms down to their most elemental essence.

The sculpted shape of Taper translates from the geometry of the pipe and sculpts the flow of water to the hands or body. The lack of overly complex or multi-piece components throughout the collection was borne out of the holistic strategy of creating one simple shape transition that offers a lot of character, without excess.

The signature cone-to-cylinder design represents a paring down of the product form to its most elemental components. The faucet has an intentional, forward-leaning profile, and the unique 90-degree bend in the faucets and lever handles slyly references the stark geometry of the pipes behind the walls. The faucet spout is designed with a spout tip that is uniquely flush with the faucet; the aerator is in the base where it can’t be seen by the user, while the toilet paper holder cleverly opens and closes via a magnetic locking roller for easy paper roll replacement.

There are 14 pieces in the Taper by BIG collection and they are available in three Kallista finishes: Chrome, Nickel Silver, and Brushed Nickel. To give customers multiple options to customize their own look, the collection will also be available in nine additional specialty finishes that can also be ordered, including: Gunmetal, Black Nickel, Bronze, Antique Bronze, Weathered Bronze, Polished Gold, Matte Gold, Antique Silver, and Sterling Silver.

  • Architectural Digest's Great Design Award 2017