A modern interpretation of classic mid-century watch design

Topo is a bold, contemporary take on the classic circular watches of the 1950s and 60s. A time when smaller timepieces were the height of understated, mid-century elegance. Designed by Bulbul’s long-standing partner Kilo, Topo represents the new generation of modern Danish design, presenting a clear contemporary form at the top level of execution.

The collection includes two new, dual coloured special editions. Topo is made from the best, most resilient components available, such as Italian leather, hardened mineral glass, a matte sandblasted steel case, Japanese-made movements and steel mesh band produced in Pforzheim, Germany.


Every single component on the Topo watch is custom-made for Bulbul; from the hands, the crown, the buckle and the loop, to the leather straps, the case and the hardened mineral glass.