A portable camera using AI to record sports matches

Veo is a groundbreaking new solution for football clubs, enabling them to record matches and training sessions without the need for a camera operator, vision mixer or editor. Tripod mounted on the sideline, using AI and dual video camera technology, Veo records a panoramic view of a full football pitch, providing a high resolution panoramic video while the AI software follows the action. The AI facilitates ball tracking, virtual panning on the pitch and zooming in on individual players, making it perfect for post-match analysis.

Kilo has worked closely with the Veo team throughout development; fusing brand, tech and usability in one optimised solution and supporting the cutting-edge software platform Veo is built upon. Throughout the design process, additive manufacturing (AM) has proven to be a perfect tool for fast-forward product development and pre-mass production, meeting the challenges presented by ongoing changes in development, working with OEM modules and low-volume production. Veo recently launched the batch, moving on from AM and scaling up production.

We have acted as midwives in bringing this tech baby to life, working with a focus on fusing this high performance hardware structure with a professional, friendly and sporty DNA, creating a smart, pitch-green teammate for the sideline.

This high performance camera solution is supported by powerful hardware, with a heat-dissipating aluminium top, while the underside contains waterproof covers for charging and ethernet ports, sound recording, user interface, WiFi and battery information and tripod connector mount.

The product is already in use by hundreds of clubs worldwide, and Veo’s impressive results are continuing to attract new clubs every day.

A portable and affordable solution for sports teams to record and analyse matches and training sessions, without the need for a camera operator.

  • Client - Veo
  • Year - 2019