Woobi Plus

Our colourful and educational Woobi Play mask for Airmotion Laboratories, made for grownups. Scaled up in size and toned-down in colour, Woobi Plus is a more lifestyle- focused product for adults who want to protect themselves from air pollution. Woobi Plus comes in pale grey and dark grey/blue and has an improved strap for extra comfort and support. Just like Woobi Play, Woobi Plus uses an approved and certified micro high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter for protection. As an additional feature, Woobi Plus also provides the opportunity to add a variety of aroma pods into the filter to enhance the wearer’s experience.

Woobi Plus provides the opportunity for users to add a variety of aroma pods into the filter to enhance the experience of wearing the mask. The aroma pods have a cork centre fuelled with 5 different blends of essential oils; Fresh, Defense, Renew, Focus and Energy. The pod fits inside the mask’s HEPA filter, providing a pleasant experience for the senses while the mask continues to protect the wearer from pollution.

A size up from the original kid's mask, made for grown-ups. The same qualities and reliable protection you can count on.

Airmotion Laboratories