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Kilo designs TMA-2 Modular in collaboration with AIAIAI

The original TMA-1 was designed by Kilo in 2009. Now, evolution turns the TMA-1 DJ and family members TMA-1 Studio & TMA-1 X into TMA-2 Modular. Providing a vast range of interchangeable options across sound, function, comfort and design, TMA-2 Modular is a state-of-the-art system that lets you create your own personalised headphone – while enabling a quick and easy change of individual parts along the way.


The Louis Poulsen Silverback family expands

The KiBiSi designed Silverback for wall and ceiling is now available in a LED pendant version. Instead of floating near the wall or ceiling, the new Silverback model floats in free space. The soft, diffuse light distribution provides a high level of lighting comfort, combined with low energy use and good colour reproduction. These are essential for improving well-being and the environment in all corners of a building, while providing minimalist, uniform and low-maintenance lighting. Silverback seemingly melts into the setting. Silverback negotiates its environment by emitting light from its reflective rear side – a shining halo illuminates the wall and draws the background into the fixture.



Llama restaurant designed by Kilo & BIG takes home Gold at the annual International Design Award for best conceptual design.


KiBiSi & BIG design TAPER™ collection for KALLISTA®

KiBiSi & BIG partner with Kallista®, a leading designer and provider of kitchen and bath luxury products, to reimagine the bathroom environment through Taper™ by BIG Collection which marries advanced engineering with minimalist style.

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Biomega launches KiBiSi designed cargo bike for urban commuters

Biomega PEK Beijing mixes city bike features, and cargo bike features, making it a sturdy companion. It comes with a super-­size front carrier for heavy-duty. Developed for city dwellers, PEK Beijing features a light aluminium frame, making it a unique lightweight cargo bike weighing only 22 kilos.
The geometry holds the body in a slightly inclined, but still heads-­up position for navigational ease and exceptional balancing.

Taper Video by WAAITT

Our Talented friends from WAAITT did this amazing video on the TAPER™ Collection for KALLISTA®