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Llama shortlisted for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2015

Our Llama restaurant design, in collaboration with Cofoco, BIG and HZ, has been nominated for the very prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. This award is in its category the biggest one out there, so we are very proud to be shortlisted out of an incredible list of thousands of amazing restaurants and bars.


Kilo and AiAiAi wins golden lion in Cannes

Our TMA-2 modular project in collaboration with AIAIAI has been awarded a Cannes Lions golden trophy. Cannes Lions is the world’s biggest annual award show and festival for professionals celebrating creativity. Kilo founder Lars Larsen premiered as Cannes Lions Jury member in 2014 when the product design category was introduced. By receiving this prestigious award we add on to our Cannes Lions history and thank the Jury for honoring our work and way of thinking.


Kilo Founder Lars Larsen is elected member of The Danish Design Council

The Danish Design Council is an independent organization that betters the state of Danish design by facilitating connections between design and society, by initiating debate and by awarding a design prize. In addition to this, the Design Council acts as advisor on design to Danish Society as a whole and appoints board members of the Danish Design Center.


desktop magazine interview

Kilo Founder Lars Larsen and AIAIAI are talking TMA-2 Modular with Desktop Magazine 


KiBiSi Designs Facette watch for Bulbul

The round and refined Facette watch is the second design in the Bulbul collection. Facette incorporates distinct design details while paying homage to an iconic watch shape. The markers floats almost unnoticeably on the underside of the sapphire crystal. The Italian leather strap connects exactly in the middle of the steel casing, creating an unusually stylish fit. Inside Facette lies a Swiss Made, 14 K Gold Plated Ronda movement, with up to ten years battery life. Conceived in the creative minds of Danish design trinity KiBiSi – Facette is subtle design on precision engineering.

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Kilo teams up with Elektron as new design partners

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Swedish pro music machine makers Elektron. Pioneers in digital sound and now pioneering in transforming analog sound to digital introducing Overbridge. For the first time in history, seamless computer integration of analog synthesizers and drum machines is a reality. We are now part of the team working for continuously improving and expanding the Elektron portfolio in a beautiful marriage between digital and analog worlds.

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Kilo and Neumeister design new Bus stops for Skånetrafiken

In collaboration with creators of the brand Identity for Skånetrafiken, Swedish agency Neumeister, Kilo has designed a series of new bus stops. First model is now installed in Malmö, a 10-square meter module part of a system of eight different sized shelters. Each has been designed to be welcoming, safe, easy to maintain – and with a sedum covered roof – beneficial to the environment, too. After an evaluation period, the plan is to install 30 to 40 new shelters each year at bus stops throughout Skåne.

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BIG’s Danish Maritime Museum is a Mies Van Der Rohe Finalist and we are proud to be part of the design team.

In collaboration with BIG, KiBiSi designed the bench system preventing cars from driving into the dock, while creating a social hangout for the museum visitors. The bench system is inspired by bollards found on the harbor front and the basic Morse code system of dash and dots used for years in communication at sea. If you haven’t already visited the Danish Maritime Museum – go there and crack the bench code. A copy of BIG’s Hot to Cold monograph published by Taschen is at stake if you send us your response by May 8th: kibisi@kibisi.com 


The Louis Poulsen Silverback family expands

The KiBiSi designed Silverback for wall and ceiling is now available in a LED pendant version. Instead of floating near the wall or ceiling, the new Silverback model floats in free space. The soft, diffuse light distribution provides a high level of lighting comfort, combined with low energy use and good colour reproduction. These are essential for improving well-being and the environment in all corners of a building, while providing minimalist, uniform and low-maintenance lighting. Silverback seemingly melts into the setting. Silverback negotiates its environment by emitting light from its reflective rear side – a shining halo illuminates the wall and draws the background into the fixture.


Kilo designs TMA-2 Modular in collaboration with AIAIAI

The original TMA-1 was designed by Kilo in 2009. Now, evolution turns the TMA-1 DJ and family members TMA-1 Studio & TMA-1 X into TMA-2 Modular. Providing a vast range of interchangeable options across sound, function, comfort and design, TMA-2 Modular is a state-of-the-art system that lets you create your own personalised headphone – while enabling a quick and easy change of individual parts along the way.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.24.13 AM

Kilo Founder Lars Larsen Interviewed by aiaiai

As you may have heard, we’ve just launched TMA-2 Modular, a headphone system comprised of modular audio components that lets you build your own, unique headphone according to your needs, preferences and personal whims. ‘How did the whole thing come about?’ – some of you might feel inclined to ask. The short answer is that the entire modular concept, from burgeoning idea to final, interchangeable product, is the outcome of an ongoing creative collaboration with our longstanding design partners at Kilo design. However, taking the short and easy way out runs counter to our Scandinavian fastidiousness, which is why a thorough and lengthy answer will now be painstakingly mapped out. In the efforts to help us give you the full and unrestrained low-down on the TMA-2 Modular development process, our Content Editor, Ulrik Nørgaard, sat down with our buddy and partner, Lars Larsen, founder/Head of Design at Kilo, as well as AIAIAI co-founder Frederik Jørgensen and picked their brain until they could take no more of the relentless, design/business-focused probing.

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KiBiSi & BIG design TAPER™ collection for KALLISTA®

KiBiSi & BIG partner with Kallista®, a leading designer and provider of kitchen and bath luxury products, to reimagine the bathroom environment through Taper™ by BIG Collection which marries advanced engineering with minimalist style.

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