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The KiBiSi designed Pebble watch for Bulbul is now available in an all steel version

The Pebble 06 timepiece for Bulbul, the sixth and newest member of the Pebble family, is an elegant fusion of classic steel mesh and contemporary design.


Hello intern

Kilo is looking for dedicated and talented interns to join our product design team. The internship period is February 2015 + 6 month. We accept digital applications to – Applications should be send no later than 1st of Dec 2014.



Kilo was founded in 2005 and is today among Scandinavias most influential design studios. Kilo is headed by Lars Larsen, founding KiBiSi partner and former KiBiSi CEO and Head Of Design. Lars Larsen has a long experience across a wide range of disciplines creating award winning signature designs for clients across the globe. Lars Larsen is known as an industrial designer rooted with a straight forward approach to design merging elements of contemporary culture from high and low: the art scene as well as the street, the fashion house as well as the workshop. Lars Larsen’s natural eye for blatant and simple solutions to complex design problems, has earned him awards and instant acclaim as one of Scandinavian designs fastest rising stars.




Kilo founder Lars Larsen has received a number of awards and international recognition for his work as an individual and as founding KiBiSi partner and KiBiSi Head Of Design.

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The Kilo designed TMA-1 in 3 Dimensions

Go for a 3D spin around the AIAIAI TMA-1

iflash one kilo design