A versatile family of containers for herbs, plants, utensils and servings

The Facade collection is a collaboration between Danish architects and product designers, a versatile container solution for herbs, plants, utensils and servings. The project is inspired by ‘Forfatterhuset’, a kindergarten project by Cobe. The kindergarten itself, based in Copenhagen, is organised around large mature trees and structured like potted plants on a terrace. The building is visually reflected in the façade structure, material and the overall design DNA of the new collection, with the same regular, ridged surface as the scattered garden village. Crafted in terracotta with an unglazed exterior providing grip and texture, and a glazed interior that creates a natural appearance and a healthy growing environment, the items in the collection can be used alone or together as a family. 

Designed to bring a sense of the city into everyone’s home, the Facade collection is inspired by the materials and forms of our Copenhagen kindergarten Forfatterhuset, bridging architecture and design in a simple grip

Cobe Founder, Dan Stubbergaard

  • Client - HAY
  • Year - 2020
  • Collaboration -